Check out some of our great features that will help you organize your betting activities and reinforce your decision making.

Save your bets

Track all your bets easily, because Stake Toys software is user-friendly and intuitive for the user. Furthermore, you can also add argumentation for each bet, making it easier in the future to analyse the results.

Import directly from your Betfair account

Besides option to save all your bets manually from all bookmakers. Betfair clients can automatically import their bet history by exporting it from the Profit and Loss Report on Betfair and afterwards importing to our system.

Manage your cashflow (withdrawals and deposits)

You can also control all withdrawals and deposits made in your accounts.

Evaluate your own strategies

In addition to the standard bet segregation (sport, league, odds and etc.) you can save your bets by attributing them to a certain strategy. Afterwards you will be able to evaluate how your strategy was performing and analyse the results to see how you can adjust it.

And much more...

See below a list of various tools that are available at Stake Toys. And it doesn’t stop with it!

Target Management

Betting Diary

Multiple Bets

Multiple Bankrolls

Sports Reports

Competitions Reports