Check out some of the features that will help you organize and manage your sports betting.

Register your bets

Track all your bets easily and intuitively at Stake Toys. In addition, you can also include a justification for each bet, making it easier to further analysis of its results.

Import directly from Betfair

In addition to registering your bets of all bookmakers, you can easily import your bets directly from the Profit and Loss Report on Betfair.

Manage your withdrawals and deposits

You can also control all withdrawals and deposits made in your wallet.

Create your own strategies

In addition to the common markets, you can save your bets with your own custom strategies. You will also have access to reports with your results in these strategies.

And much more...

See below a list of various tools you will have available at Stake Toys. It does not stop there!

Objectives Management

Betting Diary

Multiple Bets

Multiple Bankrolls

Sports Reports

Competitions Reports