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Rivalo is a relatively new online bookmaker, established in 2013. Rivalo offers you numerous sport bets for football, tennis, ice hockey, and other sports with up to 100% Bonus and secure payment options.

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Rivalo Review  

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” This stands true. However, we’d like to add a fourth recommendation; research your site of choice. That’s why today, we will be reviewing the bookmaker site of Rivalo.  

Rivalo is a relatively new and small online bookmaker, established in 2013. This newcomer status means Rivalo Sports is continuously updating, streamlining, and growing with the times. Rivalo is really trying to carve out space in the bookmaker market and uses award-winning software to keep its site easy and smooth. Rivalo also features live betting and a live casino, putting all your wagering needs in one place.  

The Pros of Rivalo

For a newbie, Rivalo is doing its best to convince us of its merit. Read on to find out the most significant benefits of betting with Rivalo.  

Comprehensive and slick website

Users are greeted by a slick blue, orange, and white theme. This is an excellent aesthetic choice and sets the standard for the rest of the interface. Casual and frequent punters will recognize the standard layout, which is easy to navigate and clearly spaced and formatted. The website interface, listing multiple markets and with an evident focus on football, is probably one of the most appealing aspects of Rivalo. The company has really nailed set out, and user ease. The betting slips are also easy to use and read, making betting a pain-free and straightforward exercise.

Live chat support

Rivalo is boasts support in five languages. The live chat feature is a mixture of automated and manned responses, with options to submit tickets for further review. This support really helps users feel secure in their payments and playing. It’s also has a great pop-up design that allows you to chat with someone about any issues or queries while enabling you to continue betting.

Great variety

This pro point only applies to the sportsbook side of the website. There is an excellent selection of major sporting events on Rivalo. However, the most significant asset is its extensive football odds and listings. All national and major leagues are listed, even obscure games like the Kazakhstan Premier League and Turkish State matches. Chances are, if you are after a more obscure football match, then Rivalo is the bookmaker for you. This variety is fantastic for Middle Eastern and Eastern European punters. You can also find numerous other sporting events on Rivalo, including dominant Rugby, Darts, and Tennis Grand Slams.  

Well designed mobile app

Whoever is in charge of the website and mobile app design at Rivalo deserves a round of applause. The mobile app is user-friendly, aesthetic, responsive, and works very well on all devices. The app can be downloaded on all major stores and doesn’t suffer from the glitches or lags that other applications do.  

Responsive stats

Rivalo Sports has incorporated a great statistics section on their website. All odds next to matches have the option to view statistics. These include what percentage of Rivalo customers are betting on different outcomes, the game statistics, which TV channel the game can be watched on, and how live betting is proceeding. This is a simple and easy way to keep your wagers informed and intelligent. It’s especially refreshing on the mobile app, which allows statistics to be floated in a pop-up over match odds without taking you from your betting slips.  


Rivalo really appeals to an international audience and offers the site and support in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. This site is very much aimed at the Turkish, Brazilian, and Russian audiences, and this is reflected in match choices and football coverage.  

Great geographical reach and variety.

If you live in a smaller country, chances are most major bookmakers don’t offer odds on football matches and leagues within your State. Fear not. Rivalo Sports aims to fill this void and offers hundreds of small-time and obscure football league odds. They have matches covered in almost every country in the world and have language choices to match.

Fantasy football.

It’s increasingly rare to find sites that feature and promote fantasy football leagues. Rivalo offers high market odds on fantasy football and easily allows punters to engage with both real and fantasy football.  

The Cons of Rivalo

Rivalo is still learning and improving. Read on for the significant cons of betting with Rivalo.  

Promotions only for some players

The limited reach and multiple countries banned from Rivalo means that promotions are aimed at only specific audiences. Rivalo offers customers a 100% matched first deposit bonus, but this is only available for punters in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Montenegro, and Turkey. This is super frustrating, especially for their major audiences in Russia and Brazil.  

Lower than average football odds

Compared to competitors, Rivalo’s odds are lower than average. This fact dissuades a lot of punters. It also doesn’t help this bookmaker profit margin and commission is set around 5-7%.

D grade rating by Sportbet reviewers

This rating isn’t the end of the world, with many popular bookmakers scoring C or D’s. The ratings reflect customer complaints, payout times, odds, and transparency.  

No live broadcasting

Rivalo doesn’t offer possibility to bet and watch the events on their site. This possibility is given in a lot of bookies and if they want to attract more clients, they will have to fix this aspect.  

The Final Verdict?  

With a growing fan base and a sharp growth in sporting markets, Rivalo Sports is quickly trying to carve out a niche within the European punting market. If you are not a high-roller, you can try to use this website.  



Jose de Lima

8 months before

Essa é uma da piores que já usei. Exemplo. Esperamos in live uma odd chegar a valor quer queremos apostar, dificilmente conseguiremos colocar a aposta pois eles ficam mudando a linha do mercado de lugar. com um layout tão embaçado perde-se tanto para encontrar a linha de gols que ias colocar a aposta, até que o gol acaba saindo aí todos os planos foi por agua abaixo. Isso é um tipo de sabotagem contra o apostador. não merece nenhuma estrela. merece é 0.


2 years before

VANTEGENS: 1) É uma casa que para punters e já está com suas ODDs bem ajustadas à realidade em comparação com outras casas. 2) Possui ótimos bônus, rollover aceitável, em ODDs admissíveis e sem vencimento. DESVANTAGENS: 1) limitações de entradas no LIVE; 2) Sempre te pedem mais informações no momento do saque, fazendo com que seus saques demorem muito. Mas, análise rápida.

jose lopes

3 years before

eata casa de aposta e uma merda


3 years before

Apesar de ter um bom valor de bônus inicial, a casa é bem limitada quanto aos mercados e apresenta odd muito baixas, além de pouca opção de jogos disponíveis para apostar.


3 years before

A casa oferece odds muito baixas e poucos mercados, principalmente para punters. Porém, gosto das promoções que a casa oferece, tem um rollover aceitável, e o pagamento é bem rápido


3 years before

Odds baixas, poucos mercados para se trabalhar. Tem seus pontos positivos, bom atendimento, sem problemas para efetuar saques. Mas deixa a desejar em muitos aspectos.


3 years before

Odds ruins e mercados bem limitados. A única coisa que vale a pena nessa bookie é o bônus de boas vindas que não tem prazo para cumprir o rollover.