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The Marca Apuestas bookmaker is owned by the Unidad Editorial Group, who began as a sports newspaper in 1938. Back in 2016, Marca announced that gaming solution provider Playtech will manage the new platform, which has been developed for the company's flagship Marca brand.

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Marca Apuestas Review

The Spaniard’s love to gamble. Bullfighting is a wager with death, and football sporting event crows are only outdone by the industrious punters who watch them. If you live in Spain and like the game, stay tuned. Today we review the Bookmaker site Marca Apuestas.

Marca Apuestas doesn’t limit itself. The site is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Spain for a good reason. Marca Apuestas features an expansive online casino with live tables, progressive jackpot slots, and live roulette. The Marca Apuestas bookmaker is owned by the Unidad Editorial Group, who began as a sports newspaper in 1938. Back in 2016, Marca announced that gaming solution provider Playtech will manage the new platform, which has been developed for the company's flagship Marca brand. As part of the multi-year agreement, Playtech has migrated all existing Marca players from the previous legacy offering to the new platform, which will not only offer sportsbook services but also table games and a casino, with live casino and progressive and slot titles to launch in the coming months.

The Pros of Marca Apuestas

Why should you put your money into Marca Apuestas? We list the pros of this site below.  

Nice welcome bonus

It’s mandatory to make a pun about a warm Spanish welcome here. But Marca Apuestas really does open its arms wide to new players. Marca Apuestas offers a no deposit sportsbook bonus that gets the ball rolling. This bonus means new users can score money to wager without putting down a cent. However, for those who do put down the first deposit, the sports bonus can rocket to 200 euros. This bonus is a massive incentive for new players to sign up and get playing. This bonus is also transferrable, meaning you can wager on a game, and then take this money over to the slots or live table sections of the site.  

Active in social media

Marca Apuesta offer our users the possibility of winning credits in bets in their Scout contest that we publish through our social networks. You can win up to 100 Eur in trying to predict certain outcomes in sport matches, and you don’t need to risk your money for that.  

Loyalty program

Marca Apuestas has recently launched a loyalty program called Marca Puntos. The new program is available for both sports and casino bets, which means that for every bet you place on both products you can accumulate points, which later can bet exchanged into prizes. Betting loyalty programs reward long term customers and of course it is important to feel respected within your betting company.  

Mobile friendly

Marca Apuestas is available in-app form on every major app site, including iOS and Apple. This makes it a portable and modern alternative to clunky desktop sites. The app interface is smooth and easy to use, and the HD quality of live streaming and bet visuals is notable. The app is free to download and links instantly to your online account so you can play across devices without worrying about money transfers or confusion.  

Live betting

Marca Apuestas has a good live betting software. This type of betting is one of the most exciting developments since it first became possible to place wagers over the internet. The page dedicated to live betting is attractive, intuitive for the player and easy to use. Playtech software is very good and very interactive.  

Reliable license

Directorate General for the Regulation of regulates, authorises, supervises, controls and, if necessary, penalises gambling activities in the Spanish State. This means that you can feel safe regarding possible outcomes in case you file a complaint or you think you will be mistreated.  

The Cons of Marca Apuestas

We have listed some of the flaws of Marca Apuestas below.  

Limited access

Marca Apuestas has a lot of positives, but it’s biggest negative is it’s most apparent. Marca Apuestas is only targeting clients from Spain. It does mean that international punters can’t take advantage of the services offered by Marca Apuestas.  

Limited payment options

Marca Apuestas doesn’t offer e-currency payments or direct bank transfers. However, the bookmaker does accept major cards and online wallet payments, such as PayPal or instant banking. While payment options are a little limited in currency and payment types, all payment forms on Marca Apuestas are verified and secure, meaning you can bet easily knowing your money hasn’t been scammed or stolen.  

Focus is mainly on football

Spaniards love football. After all, the Spanish Premier League is thrilling and famous worldwide. Marca Apuestas recognizes and capitalizes on this, offering coverage and odds on all major football matches. The only downside of this model is that if you aren’t that interested in football, the site doesn’t appeal to you as much. However, the options are there. Marca Apuestas offers a wide range of alternative sporting event odds. That’s not even considering the online casino options. You just have to click off the main home page to find these alternative sporting events.  

The Final Verdict

Marca Apuestas is an excellent site if you are based in Spain. For the rest of us, we don’t have a choice and will have to miss out on the generous bonuses, slick mobile app, well-developed online casino, and good customer support offered by Marca Apuestas. For these reasons, we can recommend Marca Apuestas to any Spanish resident, for the clients from other countries we recommend to look for other options.  

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