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Betfair was founded back in 2000 and is an online gambling company which operates the world's largest online betting exchange. They were the first company to offer such product to the market, besides that Betifair also offers a Sportsbook (fixed odds betting), online casino, online poker and online bingo

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Betfair Review

As Paul Newman quoted in the movie The Color of Money, “A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned…” We agree. However, we also recognize that the best gambling takes a discerning taste. We like thinking critically about where to put our winning dollar. That’s why today we are reviewing the Betfair site.  

Betfair, operating since 1999, is a pioneer in the bookmaking industry. Why, you ask? Because they were the game changer when they offered the exchange- based betting model. It was a massive shift in control in favor of the punters. Besides some of the services, reliable bookies use and offer today were also pioneered by Betfair. They were the first to include live streaming on their online site and the first to add cash-out services.  

Betfair operates globally and gives online sports betting customers an unparalleled offer with its market-leading Exchange and Sportsbook.

The Pros of Betfair

Betfair is considered a pioneer for a reason. We have listed some of the benefits of betting with Betfair below

You can trade your bets

Betfair was the first, most prominent, and most recognized site to allow users to act like bookmakers. This model meant it soared through the internet and gambling ranks. Betfair was the pioneer as a betting exchange. Betfair Exchange is a unique tool that facilitates betting between customers (rather than with a bookmaker), typically resulting in better odds and enhanced trading capability. You set odds for an event, and other punters choose to take up those odds. Betfair argues this trade-based system means players can get better odds than other standard bookmakers. It is a very good option for punters who lose standard bookmakers accounts for being a smart bettor.  

Great liquidity

Lack of available money on other exchanges (like Betdaq or Smakrets) has been one of the main reasons why so many of Betfair users are showing loyalty to Betfair and are prepared to pay higher commission in order to have possibility to place more money on the event.  

Acca Edge feature

If you choose to use this feature it allows you to receive your money back if your bet loses by one selection, this is available for bets consisting of 3  or more events. This feature is one of the most competitive form of insurance in the betting industry. In order to use this product you have to select the matches for which this will apply and consequently this will update the odds of your bet. This is a great option for punters who like to place accumulators and often find themselves in situation where only 1 team fails to win.

Great variety of products

Betair also has regular sportbook available, online casino games and slot machines that can be linked to the same account. Betfair Exchange and Sportsbook provide a unique combination for core bettors and it seem the company seeks to bring the products even closer together, launching more integrated promotions, making navigation between the sites easier, and giving customers more choice over what pricing and promotions they receive across both products.

Competitive price

Betfair claims to offer a better competitive price and if you have a low commission rate, in most of the cases, indeed it is true. Betting in exchange removes the need for the margin that fixed-odds bookmakers incorporate into their odds offered and provides the opportunity for a more efficient marketplace, which is why in most of the situations you can get better odds on the Betfair.

Strong emphasis for responsible gambling

Besides the self-exclusion, which is available in almost all the bookmakers, Betfair are aiming to improve their ability to identify customers at risk of harm or problem gambling. This way they can intervene early in a way that helps customers regulate their play. Betfair make over 70,000 monthly responsible gambling awareness interactions and around 1,200 customer interaction calls per month.

The Cons of Betfair

We have yet to find perfection in a bookmaking site. Therefore, we have listed some of the places where Betfair could improve below.  

A bit overwhelming for new players

The navigation panel is simple enough, but the exchange sports betting interface is overwhelming. Many new players will find the language and statistics that change according to gameplay very confusing. Not to mention the mathematics behind punter’s back wager and lay bet can give you a headache. The site and the confusing betting slip layout take a lot of getting used to. The complicated slips, interface, and marketplace turn away a some new or learning punters.  

Available languages

Although Betfair is aiming to provide more tailored local product, and to increase available languages and currencies, currently they offer relatively few languages in comparison with other major bookmakers.  

Slow response from the support team

Almost every bookmaker site we review has complaints about slow response times from support staff. Betfair is the same. Forums report that punters have had to wait up to 2 weeks for staff responses, leading some users to withdraw their winnings and bet elsewhere.  

High commission

Betfair sometimes takes Up to 5% on winning trades which is a very high number. However it is important to notice that Betfair Discount Rate reduces the commission client pays and is calculated for client by his accumulation of Betfair Points. Discount Rate is calculated from client current Betfair Points every Sunday at Midnight. Betfair discount Rate will be capped at 20% unless the clients completes Betfair's identity and verification requirements.

The Final Verdict

Betfair is a pioneering, modern, and responsive bookmaker site. It shot through the punting ranks for the genius idea of making punters bookies and is excellent for those of us who like to stay in control of the odds. It can be tough for new users, but the site is worth the initial confusion. Betfair is trustworthy, fun, and armed with quick payouts. For this reason, we recommend the website to experienced players and responsive punters who like modern experiences.  


3 days before



3 months before

muito bom


3 months before

A melhor casa para trader


3 months before



3 months before

a melhor, sem dúvidas


3 months before

boa casa


4 months before

A melhor para apostas, sem frescura de limitação


5 months before

Minha experiência com a betfair foi uma das melhores, tive soluções no suporte resolvidas em pouco tempo e soluções para todos os requesitos que solicitei. Gosto do Layout da plataforma e eles tem bastante disponibilidade de jogos tanto em intercambio quanto em sportbook. No geral prefiro pois por ser uma Bolsa Esportiva me sinto mais seguro que muitas casas de apostas ruim entrando no ramo e já as operantes em nosso país.


6 months before

Minha banca


7 months before



7 months before

Depois de conhecer basicamente todas casa de apostas, posso dizer que a betfair é a melhor disparadamente!!!!


8 months before

Estou gostando.


8 months before


João Victor

10 months before

Gostei das possibilidades que essa casa me traz com muitos mercados variados. O site peca um pouco com funcionalidade, detalhes e fluidez nos processos. Ademais, é uma plataforma muito boa. Recomendo.


11 months before



1 year before

Simplesmente a melhor bolsa esportiva!

Humberto Robson

1 year before

melhor casa de aposta


1 year before

Gosto muito


1 year before

Exchange - bom, a melhor liquidez de mercado, mas com comissão altíssima pros padrões de hoje. Mas díficil de escapar da Betfair, então ainda é o único Exchange sólido do mercado Sportsbook - bom, mas muitas vezes com odds abaixo do mercado e também restringe usuários


1 year before

A melhor ...


1 year before


Marco Aurélio

1 year before

Fazem cinco anos que opero na Betfair e recomendo.


1 year before

Fácil de usar no Sportbook. No Exchange, deveria ter + opções de múltipla. App do celular, parece que apenas replica a pagina do site. Diferente do app da bet365, por exemplo, que é fluido. Precisa ter + opções de enviar e sacar para o Brasil, pois aqui, com a política e leis atuais, cada vez menos opções aparecem, para quem quer trabalhar em US$ ou Euro, por exemplo e sacar em US$ e Euro. Por isso 4 estrelas (pelas pousca oportunidades de saques em outras moedas, para quem, está no Brasil).


1 year before



1 year before

a melhor


1 year before

melhor casa para trading


1 year before



1 year before

Boa de mas


1 year before

MInha avaliação da Betfair é na figura de uma bolsa esportiva e aí nesse caso eu dou vou dar 5 estrelas. Muito boa,o Exchange é muito bom. Porém se eu fosse falar do Sportbook daria nota 2. Odds muito baixas , poucos mercados , os Handicaps asiáticos não existem praticamente. O site é bom, porém é melhor usar softwares(Geek Toys, Traderline, Wagertool etc.). A versão mobile do site é um ruim , extremamente lenta.

José Ricardo

1 year before

A melhor mesmo


1 year before

A melhor casa para quem é trading utilizando o Exchange (diferencial). Com relação a depósito e saques é tudo OK! Recomendo a todos da comunidade!


1 year before

Excelente, está muito à frente das outras plataformas para trading.


1 year before

Ótima para Trade (Exchange). Péssima para apostas (Sportbook).


1 year before

Uma das melhores casas para se trabalhar de forma profissional.


1 year before


Wagner gomes

1 year before



1 year before

A melhor não tem igual!!


1 year before

Exchange é ótimo, sportsbook é ruim pois te limita rápido.


1 year before



1 year before

o Sportbook bloqueia e limitam muito facilmente!.. Só ainda estou na casa por causa do exchange!..


1 year before

Só não ganha 5 estrelas pq não trabalha com valores em Reais. E , em relação ao câmbio frente as moedas aceita, particularmente, fica um pouco "caro" colocar valores para investimentos em trade esportivo.


1 year before

Para quem deseja trabalhar como trader, não há do que reclamar da casa. Para punters, não recomendaria, pois existem bookies com melhores odds e maior liquidez


1 year before

Ótima Exchange, não é a maior do mundo por acaso.


1 year before

como corretora é boa pois não te limita

Victor Hugo

1 year before

Plataforma ideal para se fazer trading em futebol , tenis , cavalos e outros esportes.


1 year before

O Exhange não limita já o SportBook limita, basta vc ser lucrativo lá. A rigor todas essas listadas aqui limitam. Acho muito superficial esse tipo de avaliação sobre as casas pq pode levar o iniciante a não avaliar as odds oferecidas e etc..E as diferenças entre as odds de uma casa para a outra são gritantes e vão influenciar os seus resultados no longo prazo. Minha dica é procurem sempre casas que lhe ofereçam as melhores odds, rollover baixo, suporte em português e que pague corretamente.

Marcelo Antônio

1 year before



1 year before



1 year before

Por enquanto, nada a reclamar!


1 year before

Diferentemente da Exchange, a Betfair Sportsbook pode limitar sua conta, no meu caso limitaram os Bônus, as ODDs também não são lá grandes coisas, mas é muito confiável.


1 year before

O diferencial é a bolsa de apostas

Alceu Pires

1 year before

Tenho cadastro desde agosto de 2017, uma casa muito boa e diversificada. Falando de confiabilidade é nota 10. Não quero saber de outra depois que a conheci.


1 year before

muito boa


1 year before

Fãcil de operar, para quem está começando no Sportbook (apostas).


1 year before

Bem legal

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