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Betclic is an european online gaming company, they provide millions of players the ability to express their passion for Sport and Horse-racing betting. They are driven by an unyielding passion for entertainment and their constant goal is to offer accessible and top class products to their valued customers.

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Betclic Review

We’ve all had days where Lady Luck is on our side. However, in the words of Timothy Zahn, she is a “fickle wench.” There’s no controlling how Lady Luck treats you on any given day. However, we can control our bookmaking site choices. To help you make an informed decision for your wagering needs, today we will be reviewing Betclic.  

Betclic is a heavyweight within the European bookmaker market. It has a wide variety of gaming and wagering options, paired with a grand online casino. The site excels in using in-play wagering systems and is very user-friendly. With accessible and easy to understand betting systems, Betclic has soared to popularity in Europe for a reason. The site also benefits from multiple payment methods.  

The Pros of Betclic

What makes Betclic so popular in Europe? We have listed some of the pros of Betclic below.  

Strong odds on football, tennis, basketball, and other sporting events

We come to online bookmakers to, first and foremost, place wagers, watch the game, and possibly win! That’s why the strong odds on most major sporting events are the biggest plus for Betclic’s pro column. We wish we could say every single event feature stronger than average odds, but horse racing on Betclic is not as prevalent or supported as on other sites. The market odds on Betclic are comparable to other major players, but are especially favorable for football matches. Perhaps because the site is based in France and Malta, European football leagues are primarily the focus of this particular bookmaker.  

Nice selection of promotions

In the con section, we will complain about the lack of sign-up bonuses. However, elsewhere on the site, there are promotions abound. Most Betclic promotions work in conjunction with a wager, meaning the more you play, the more free money you score. This feature and model is a great way to stretch out your budget and can be super rewarding in a tight game. These promotions are offered upon hitting the bet button, and you often get a great list of odds, promotions, or additional wagers when you start to proceed through the betting process.  

Instant play features

Betclic loves instant play, meaning you can watch the game, place a wager, and have it processed almost immediately. The responsive nature of this betting style gets the blood pumping and is great for punters who value relevance on their bookmaking sites. If you like zero waiting time, easy single click betting, and live stream in-play betting systems, then Betclic is the perfect site for you.  

Cash Out options

Who doesn’t love cash out features? Cash-out is fantastic for three reasons. Firstly, it proves a site is trustworthy. If they are going to release or raise your wager in a single click, you know you can trust them to follow through. Secondly, cash out is super responsive and allows you to feel safe and secure in transactions. And third? Cash-out is fun! It’s great to be able to adapt and change bets in a single click, meaning you stay wholly connected to the game and its happenings!  

Excellent range of online casino games as well

If you like multiple ways of gambling, Betclic has you covered. Betclic is a big advocate for putting all of a gambler's needs in one place and drawing from one account. With this business model in mind, Betclic has expanded into a grand and varied online casino. They have live table options, online slot machines with varying RTP rates, and computer-generated table games. In fact, Betclic’s live poker tables are some of the most popular in Europe. There is a reason for this! The Betclic online casino is easy to use, fun, filled with variety, and accessible to the masses.

Live stream options

Live streaming is a fad that will not go away. The ability to watch a game, bet responsively, and manage wagers while enjoying your sport is the next level of online gambling. Betclic has excellent sport streaming services, which allow alongside wagers to be placed as you watch the game in HD.  

The Cons of Betclic

Everything has flaws. We discuss the most significant weaknesses of Betclic below:

Customer support isn’t great

Customer support is an ongoing complaint on gambling forums. However, Betclic seems to struggle with it especially, despite offering 12 languages of live chat. The live chat feature is generic and computer-generated, and some players have reported having the same blank responses fed to them repeatedly without solving any issues. Besides, the email and phone numbers presented frequently take large swaths of time to respond. This complaint is mentioned in several forums and seems to be a collective experience for users, discouraging punters.

No start-up bonus

Despite great promotions elsewhere on the site, Betclic does not currently offer a start-up bonus or first deposit bonus. Considering the competition, with free start-up wagers offered elsewhere, this can be a significant deterrent for some punters. All we can say is push through because the promotions offered elsewhere more than make up for the initial lack of bonuses

Slow Withdrawal 

Fast payouts and quick withdrawals are some of the most important aspects for players with high solvency or responsive gamblers. Betclic users have reported up to 3 weeks wait times on withdrawals. This wait time has frustrated numerous punters and, in conjunction with the inadequate support offered, has turned many players away from the Betclic site.   

The Final Verdict

Despite its flaws, Betclic is a strong contender in the bookmaker market. It has a wild variety of games to choose from and is joined to a diverse and wonderfully designed online casino. With strong market odds and live streaming options, Betclic is ideal for any of those who bet from the desktop and who are willing to wait for great promotions upon later wagers.


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odds baixas!!! :(


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Boa casa

Fernando Henrique

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Mercado limitado, e odds não muito altas em geral a comprar com outras casas.